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Commercial Pilot Airplane Course

Course Materials & Requirements

Ground School (65 hours) $1,359.5
10 Hrs Dual Commercial Instruction
$190 Per Hour (C-172) $3,800.00
10 Hrs Dual Complex Instruction
$224 Per Hour (PA28-200R) $4,480.00
90 Hours Solo
$97 Per Hour (C-152) $17,460.00
20 Hours Post and Preflight
($55 per hour) $2,200.00
1 Hr FAA Flight Test in C-172
($135 per hour) $270.00
1 Hr FAA Flight Test in PA28R
($169 per hour) $338.00
Additional Course Materials
(L27/28, TPC Study Guides, FAR/AIM, PTS, AFD) $100.00
Approximate Total Cost * $30,007.5
Applicants must complete the Private Pilot course before they can begin the Commercial course.
*Costs are based on the minimum hours required by the FAA.  It is not unusual to exceed these amounts.
Note: Create a block account with $1,000 paid in advance, and receive a 10% discount on aircraft rental