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LSA Sport Pilot Course

LSA Sport Pilot Course

American Academy of Aviation & TechnologyAviation Training Center's course is designed to meet all the FAA requirments for a light sport pilot certificate. The syllabus has 20 hours of flight training, consisting of 15 hours of dual instruction and 5 hours of solo flight. The flight training will take approximately two to three months, if you schedule flight lessons 3 times per week.

Light Sport Solo Requirements

Be at least 16 years of age

Be able to read, speak, and understand the English language

Have a valid drivers license in lieu of medical certificate

Light Sport Graduation Requirements


Be at least 17 years of age

Have a valid drivers license in lieu of medical certificate

Demonstrate through written tests, flight tests, and appropriate records that he has the knowledge, skill and experience to excercies the privileges of a light sport pilot safely.

Course Materials & Requirements

Dual Instruction (15 hours)

(C-162, $304.00 per hour wet) $4560.00

5 hours solo

(C-162 $200.00 per hour wet) $1000.00

15 hours pre/post flight ground briefings

($110.00 per hour) $1650.00

FAA Light Sport Pilot Flight Test $800.00

1.5 hours for FAA Flight Test

(C-162 $200.00 per hour wet) $300.00

Additional Course Material

(AFD, Sec, Study Guide, PTS) $100.00

Approximate Total Cost* $8410.00


*Costs are based on the minimum hours required by the FAA.

  It is not unusual to exceed these amounts.

Cessna C-162 Skycatcher


Crew: one pilot

Capacity: one passenger

Length: 22.8 ft

Wingspan: 30.0 ft

Height: 8.53 ft

Wing area: 120 ft²

Empty weight: 830 lb

Useful load: 490 lb

Max takeoff weight: 1,320 lb

Powerplant: Continental O-200D flat-four engine, 100 hp



Maximum speed: 118 knots

Cruise speed: 112 knots

Range: 470 nm at 6,000 ft

Service ceiling: 15,500 ft

Rate of climb: 890 ft/min

Wing loading: 11.0 lb/ft²

Power/mass: 100 hp continental @ 13.2 lb/hp